Photos are more than just photos – they are image language of modernity

With ‘cameras’ in our pockets (come courtesy of a smartphone), we can snap pictures at every conceivable moment, planned or unplanned. In this 21st Century, the infinite uses of photography has become a big part of our lives.  It’s an image language of modernity – a communication tool to convey message beyond spoken words.

Just think about it… from the moment we opened our eyes in the morning till moments before bedtime, there were photos after photos via social media, whether it’s people, nature, food, etc.  Typically, we almost always take pictures of what we see whether we are doing our morning walk, exercise, drinking a cup of coffee or water, eating, etc. I used to drive my hiking partners crazy because I stopped every few steps to take pictures, whatever that caught my eyes along the way as though I may never see them again.  Or, it’s just a way of life now that we take pictures of EVERYTHING for different reasons.

It’s undeniable that picture speaks a thousand words. The power of photos not only shares the emotion and experience, it’s a moment when everything came to a pause – precious seconds of capturing what seems important at that moment.  Through the lens of other photographers, we share their authenticity of emotions, experience and connections. It’s no wonder more professionals around the world are using photos as ice breakers, as a tool to inspire and provoke the mind.