Be Gentle with Yourself

Learning is a big part of my life.  Even more so in the recent months.

I was going through a healing process.  And when a friend recommended me a book called “the 21-Day consciousness cleanse by Debbie Ford” (a breakthrough program for connecting with your soul’s deepest purpose), I could not stop reading from the moment I got the book.  I was determined to go through this journey as I was really sick and tired of holding on to my hurtful past that are no longer serving me.

In my quest to the 21-Day consciousness cleanse, it was on Day 6 that I realized how easy it was for me to write out pages and pages of all the feelings that I have deemed wrong, awful, scary, guilt, shame, hurtful or unacceptable, including all the experiences I never wanted to experience ever again.  My pen couldn’t stop as I wrote out the list with so much emotions, an over whelming feelings I have long suppressed were coming to the surface. It was trulyawful to beat myself up over the smallest thing. It was a painful process. I can’t believe how much toxin I had accumulated over the years.

On Day 7, it was a sacred process of self-acknowledgment – an act of conscious and deliberate celebration of the best in me. Guess what?  I could only come up a few.  So, I resorted for help from my Facebook Group.  I can’t believe all the wonderful comments that I’d received.  Some of which I didn’t even know I had.  By affirming my own gifts and strengths, I build confidence and increase my ability to build a brighter future. Self-acknowledgment is truly a holy practice.